Call for Papers to the Chaos Communication Camp 2003

Straight from the website (full version):

Call for Papers
Chaos Communication Camp 2003
The International Hacker Open Air Gathering
7/8/9/10th August 2003
near Berlin, Germany (Old Europe)

Papers are being solicited for the second Camp of the
Chaos Computer Club e.V., Germany, to be held near Berlin, Germany, on 7/8/9/10th August 2003. The Camp is intended to promote the interchange of technical, social and political ideas and concepts to find ways to make this world a little bit more friendly to intelligent beings.
The conference language is english, therefore all lectures and workshops have to be held in english. For especially interesting topics, a on-stage translation might be available, but this service will be strictly limited to a few instances of special importance.

In general, all papers, lectures and workshops from the field of technology, security, art, philosophy, politics and cooking are welcome. We try, however to create a certain focus on a number of topics that we regard as important for the near future. Lectures are expected to be highly relevant in practice or better be darn funny. Sales droids have been known to disappear without traces on past events. Interactive Workshops welcome. Hands-On anything even more welcome.

Abstracts and papers should be submitted in English to mailto: as soon as possible, latest on 1. July 2003 17:00 GMT. There will be a very limited number of slots reserved for presentations covering stuff that happens between the submission deadline and the start of the Camp, but we will be extremly discriminate regarding the allocation of these slots.
The submission should inlcude references and URLs, a short biography
of the speaker, contact information (e-mail) and any time constrains or
preferences the speaker might have.

Notice of acceptance will be sent out as soon as possible. Final presentations should be in English and be up to 60 or up to 120 minutes long, including a question-and-answer period. Followup discussions and hands-on workshops are strongly encouraged, there will be space for such activities available outside the main lecture tents (if you dont prefer a nice sit-in on the gras in the sun).

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