man baby(1)

BABY(1)                  USER COMMANDS                    BABY(1)

     BABY - create new process from two parent processes


     BABY [ -sex ] [ -name ]


     BABY is initiated when one parent process polls another server
process through a socket connection (BSD) or through pipes in the
System V implementation. BABY runs at a low priority for approximately
40 weeks then terminates with heavy system load. Most systems require
constant monitoring when BABY reaches its final stages of execution.

     Older implementations of BABY required that the initiating
process not be present at the time of completion. In these versions
the initiating process is awakened and notified of the results upon
completion. Modern versions allow both parent processes to be active
during the final stages of BABY.


          option indicating type of process created.

          process identification to be attached to the new process.

     Successful execution of the BABY(1) results in new process
     being created and named. Parent processes then typically
     broadcast messages to all other processes informing them of their
     new status in the system.

     The SLEEP command may not work on either parent processes for some
     time afterward, as new BABY processes constantly send interrupts
     which must be handled by one or more parent.

     BABY processes upon being created may frequently dump
     in /tmp requiring /tmp to be cleaned out frequently by one
     of the parent processes.

	sleep(1) dump(8) cry(3)


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