Darth Vader’s flagship for sale on eBay

This guy spent three years building an enourmous model of Star Wars Super Star Destroyer — Darth Vader’s flagship. It’s to the same scale as the 4″ figurines, making it a kind of jumbo skiffy dollhouse for your Lucasfilm dollies. It’s pretty amazing. Bidding stands at £305 right now with four days left. Taking almost 3 years to make, this is the one of a kind 4″ scale figure toy that I always wanted, and now I have built it. I just wish I?d had one of these when I was a kid. And for kids this Star Destroyer has been built. The ship is constructed almost entirely of wood and all the parts are quite chunky with nothing small to break off (unless abused). It is approximately 2 metres in length, 1.5 metres wide and 1 metre high, it is rather large but built solidly. Caster wheels on the base allow for easy movement and the top section can be removed for storage and easier transportation. Not for under 3s but great fun to play with from 6 ? 60 year olds!

Darth Vaders flagship

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